Indiana: India's Most Trusted Plywood


Die Cutting Plywood

Die cutting plywood manufacturers, suppliers and exporters to worldwide including India, Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa. We have been operating since 1996 in Mumbai, India with multiple locations. Die cutting plywood manufacturers, exporters and suppliers in Mumbai, India to entire world according to need including required features and characteristics approved quality, reliability in anywhere, certified safety and secure durability.

Indiana plywood industries is one of the most trusted manufacturer of plywood in India. We manufacture die boards for the laser cutting industry and also manual die manufacturer. Multiple sizes available are 1525/1525mm, 2440/1220mm and other specialized thicknesses also.

We are also located in Tokyo and Bangkok so that offer better services and products to all over the world. We are working from last 3 decades in entire India and whole world including head office in Madhya Pradesh(Indore) and Maharashtra(Mumbai, Pune), Gujarat(Ahmedabad), Karnataka(Bengaluru), Andhra Pradesh(Hyderabad) and New Delhi.