Indiana: India's Most Trusted Plywood


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of plywood do you manufacturer?
We manufacture various grades of plywood like commercial, marine, furniture, packing and shuttering grade. However, we are specialists in calibrated plywood.

What range do you have calibrated plywood?
We manufacture 7 different ranges in calibrated plywood for specific need and accuracy required for different application.

Why us?
The top level management in the company has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing calibrated plywood and speciality grade plywood. Our R and D team researches continuously to provide innovative solutions for the panel industry.

How can we buy your product? is it available in my city?
We have our own offices in more than 9 locations in Asia and we have a intensive network of distributors and sales partners. You can mail your requirement to us it can be arranged to be delivered to you.

What kind of plywood should I use for my interior?
The quality of plywood to be used depends on its end application, you can contact our helpline for suggestions and recommendations.